24 Greenwood Avenue, S289221
T: 9630 4526


“Farangse” means French in Thai and defines what we are doing – French cuisine with the addition of a few Thai dishes and regional specialties from Issan (North-East Thailand). A fusion restaurant – we are not. For the reason that we do not combine culinary traditions nor techniques into a single dish.

Tucked away in the quiet neighbourhood of Greenwood, Farangse serves up good honest French food in a casual setting. Enjoy home-made Charcuterie, Onion Soup, Côte de Boeuf, Roasted Whole Fish, and Pan-Seared Foie Gras.

It is also the only restaurant in Singapore where you can feast on traditional French and Issan cuisines. Complementing the French menu are Thai staples such as Som Tam (green papaya salad), Pomelo Salad, Pad Thai with Thai river prawn, Tom Yam and Iberico Pork Red Curry.


Farangse began as “O Boeuf a 6 Pattes” (The Six-Legged Cow) in 2016, a quaint French Bistro situated in the clubhouse of Parkwest Condo. The name was tongue-in-cheek, but only the French customers could pronounce it. When it came time to relocate, the partners decided to add Thai-Issan dishes to the menu (thanks to burgeoning requests for Chef Emma’s raw and spicy Thai salads). And with that change, O Boeuf a 6 Pattes morphed into Farangse Restaurant.


Chef-Partner Eric Tan hails from Klang, Malaysia and specializes in classic French Bistro cuisine. He trained in Switzerland, worked at Ritz Carlton Hotel, then Absinthe and Bar-A-Thym Restaurant under Chef François Mermilliod before helming the kitchen at O Boeuf a 6 Pattes.

Eric Tan


Chef-Partner Emma Suwajanee Apamatho is the Thai “component” in the equation. Her Issan heritage shines through the flavourful and impressive Thai dishes. She oversees the Thai menu and is in charge of restaurant service.

Emma Suwajanee Apamatho


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